Interview with “Dragonlance” writer Margaret Weis

by Νικόλας Παπακώστας

First of all, please let me say that it is a great honor to have the opportunity to ask you the following questions. Since I was a child, Ι admired your writing. If someone told me that one day I would be interviewing Margaret Weiss I would have killed him for mocking me that way.

1. You wrote a “coming of age” story about Raistlin. Do you believe him as a hero, a villain or an antihero? And, as a DnD fan, what is his alignment? Which elements or traits do you consider responsible for Raistlin’s mainstream fantasy success, outside the tight limits of RPG novels?

Raistlin is an antihero. A very complex person. As Par-Salian says, there is a little of Raistlin in all of us. I think that’s why he is popular. He was neutral in the D&D game.

“The Price” by SaraCuervo

2. Women writing fantasy was often viewed as an invasion to a “male hobby”. Yet, you broke through that and delivered. What would you say to other women that look up to you as a role model?

I never gave being a woman a thought when Tracy and I wrote the books. Many people thought Tracy was also a woman! People were interesting in the writing, not the writer.

3. Leaving the books and the stories behind, was there ever a situation that made you consider stop writing?

I have been a story teller since before I could read. I love writing. And I have four dogs to support.

4. As one of the creators of one of the most respected worlds in fantasy, you are in the same league with Tolkien. For many of us, you were even better. How did you come up with your world?

Tracy Hickman designed the world. I visited.

5. We all know you played DnD back in the day. Do you still do? And if you are not the Dungeon Master (if you are please let us join) what do you play?

As for D&D, someone always has to tell me what dice to roll. So, no, I never DM!

6. We all know you from “Dragonlance”. But for you, which is your best work?

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Best work… That’s like asking a mother which child is her favorite. I love them all.

Margaret Weis is a New York Times bestselling author. Her Dragonlance® series has sold over twenty million copies worldwide, and the first book in thatseries, Dragons of Autumn Twilight, is being made into an animated film by Paramount Pictures. Warrior Angel is her first venture into romance, and it has been an exciting one. She has particularly enjoyed writing with her daughter, Lizz Weis, a former novel editor.

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