Call for Submissions: The Grey Rooms Podcast

by Nyctophilia

Hello everyone. It is I, The Warden. Did you have a Happy Halloween? I don’t really care. Look I didn’t want you to answer me, can you please shut up about it? No, I don’t want to hear about how much you are looking forward to spending time with your garbage family on Thanksgiving either.

I’m here for one purpose. Basically, I was given a shiny tank for writing this post to all of you “writers.” And so it’s time for you “writers” to pat yourselves on the back and feel good about yourselves. D’awwww. Doesn’t it feel so great to be you. I’m sure it does.

So this time…we’re looking at Season 3 of The Grey Rooms Podcast. Isn’t that exciting. If your stories get picked, you will be paid. If your stories don’t, well…there are a 100 billion other podcasts looking for them. Sadly I can’t guarantee that you’ll be paid.

Some of you know what we’re looking for. Others don’t. So let me take the time to set up a few bullet points as to what sorts of stories are acceptable to The Grey Rooms:

1.) Stories can range from 3500 to 4000 words. If it’s a few more or a few less, it’s fine.

2.) Stories must be original, and have never been published.

3.) Your story needs to be written in first person. It must also be written in the past tense. There’s no negotiating about this. It must be so.

4. Your story’s main character must be killed either in the story, or it has to be implied that your character is dying/will die due to what happens in the story.

5. Foul language is allowed, but if you write the word “fuck” five million times throughout your story, we’ll most likely pass on it.

6.) No sexual molestation, abuse, or torture to children is acceptable. Do not send us this garbage. Children might deal with horrors in a story, but a sexual kind is not one of them.

7.) The Grey Rooms is a HORROR podcast. That means that your story should be a HORROR story. But…HORROR is a lot of things to a lot of people. For one thing there are all sorts of types of horror in the world. Think of all the horror movies out there, and how they deal with physical, psychological, and so many other types of horrors.

But you can also bring HORROR into all kinds of OTHER GENRES. You can do a horror story in a cosmic setting. You can bring horror into a fantasy setting. You can bring horror into a Victorian love story. You can bring horror into a story about puppets on a fictitious street that want to teach children the alphabet.


Okay that’s about it. I hope you found this list rather helpful. OH! You probably want to know what our pay scale is. It’s $25 dollars a short story. We’ll be choosing 12 short stories for the main episode, and we’ll be choosing 4 or 5 short stories for our patreons. Those stories will eventually be released to the public as well.

If there are any questions regarding submissions please direct them to

Send your stories to that email as “The Grey Rooms Season 3 Submission”

Now…get to work! DEADLINE: APRIL 18, 2020.

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