Liverpool Horror Con, 7 & 8 October 2017

by Ιλέην Ρήγα

Liverpool Horror Con is an event for all the family to enjoy. Meet a range of authors, film & TV guests, and shop with a huge array of traders selling everything from prints to films and masks to movie props. View the exhibits and get your photos taken within our special features to enhance your day. Collect your autographs and photographs then relax and unwind, watching film screenings or listen to the panels and talks with guests discussing their previous and current work. This two day event promises no-stop fun this Halloween on October 7th & 8th.




Damien Thomas is an actor noted for his roles in British films and television, including his role as Count Karnstein in Twins of Evil and more recently as Salomon Weil in The Lime House Golem (2016).

Twins of Evil is a 1971 horror film by Hammer Film Productions starring Peter Cushing is the third film of The Karnstein Trilogy, based on the vampire tale Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu. The film has the least resemblance to the novel and adds a witch-finding theme to the vampire story.

Damien’s Film credits include Journey into Darkness (1968), Julius Caesar (1970), Twins of Evil (1971), Henry VIII and His Six Wives (1972), Tiffany Jones (1973), The Message (1976), Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (1977), Shōgun (1980), Pirates (1986), Never Let Me Go (2010) and Grave Tales (2011).

TV credits include: Jason King, Van der Valk, Special Branch, Warship, Wilde Alliance, The Professionals, A.D., Noble House, Blake’s 7, Beau Geste, Tenko, Widows, Dempsey and Makepeace, Wish Me Luck, House of Cards, Doctors, The Brittas Empire, and Sherlock Holmes (1984), and Agatha Cheistie’s Poirot(Murder on the Links, 1996).


LAURENCE HARVEY (Human Centipede II)

Laurence Robert Harvey was born on July 17, 1970. He is a British actor, best known for portraying Martin Lomax in a horror film The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011), directed by Tom Six.

In the film, Martin is an obese, asthmatic and mentally challenged security guard for a parking lot, who is obsessed with the original film. Harvey also appears in The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence) (2015) in a different role than part 2.


JSU GARCIA (Nightmare on Elm Street)

Born in New York City, Jsu Garcia was raised by his Cuban-born parents, who had fled their country for the promise of a better life in the US. Growing up on the streets of Newark, New Jersey, Garcia had to deal with a neighborhood of toughs. He became aware of his acting talents when a bully intended to mug him and steal his bicycle and the six-year-old Garcia broke into crocodile tears and so disheartened his assailant that he allowed Garcia to leave unharmed–and with his bike. “It was then I knew I could act,” Garcia remembers.

His first break came when he auditioned for the TV show “Fame” (1982) and got the part. He then landed a role in Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), in which he appeared opposite Johnny Depp. This was followed by an appearance in Universal’s Gotcha! (1985) opposite Anthony Edwards and Linda Fiorentino, and then in quick succession in features such as Wildcats (1986), Slaves of New York (1989), Vampire in Brooklyn (1995), Traffic (2000) and numerous others. In 2002 Garcia was in Randall Wallace’s We Were Soldiers in which he portrays Mel Gibson’s heroic buddy, the commander of a company fighting against the Viet Cong; and in Andrew Davis’ Collateral Damage (2002), in which he plays a villainous Communist guerrilla who battles good guy Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Garcia also played a major supporting role in Along Came Polly (2004), opposite Ben Stiller, Jennifer Aniston and Philip Seymour Hoffman for Jersey Films and Universal, as the hot salsa dancer. Garcia’s most challenging role as “Che Guevara” came true for him in Andy Garcia’s passionate Cuban story, “The Lost City”, in which he received critical acclaim. Teaming up again with Steven Soderberg in 2007 in “Che” aka “The Argentine”, Garcia starred opposite Benicio del Toro.

Taking what he learned from some of Hollywood’s greatest actors and directors, he joined with good friend and NY Times #1 bestselling author and spiritual teacher Dr. John-Roger, to create their production company Scott J-R Productions and their first full length feature, Spiritual Warriors. Inspired by Dr. John-Roger’s bestselling book Spiritual Warrior, together they wrote and Executive Produced Spiritual Warriors, the movie. Garcia gathered his crew of ten and filmed on location in places such as Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, and finished filming in Los Angeles with a much larger crew.

Spiritual Warriors screened in over 50 cities across 22 countries, and was officially selected for international film festivals in Toronto, Tel Aviv, Cairo, Cartagena, Beverly Hills and Hamburg. Garcia also heads up his company Gilgamesh LLC, and the current DVD distribution of Spiritual Warriors online.

John-Roger and Garcia finished their second feature film in September 2010, as co-writers, co-producers, and co-directors on the project. ‘The Wayshower’ stars Eric Roberts, Peter Stormare and Sally Kirkland, and was filmed on location in Utah, Morocco, England, France, Spain and Peru. The Wayshower will tour film festivals and other private screenings from early 2011.



KEN SAGOES (Nightmare on Elm Street 3 & 4)

Sagoes became internationally known for the role of Kincaid‟ in A Nightmare on Elm Street, III & IV, (Making him the first African-American to survive an international horror film and return for a sequel).

He recently completed the indie horror film, “Gorenos.” He also became wildly known as the lovable Big Baby‟ in John Singleton‟s “Rosewood.”

Sagoes is an award winning writer. He received a CableACE for writing Disney‟s, “On Promised Land,” starring Dame Joan Plowright. Recently, Sagoes has written two adventure family books that has received reviews internationally (including a review from the UK), called, “The Adventures of Nedu – the Great Migration” and “The Adventures of Nedu – The Secret of the Acorn.”

In 1997, Sagoes founded the Los Angeles based non-profit organization, GBC-Giving Back Corporation. GBC provides Books and Supplies‟ scholarships for college-bound students, sends youth to summer camp, sends educational gifts and autographs to youth all over the world. 100% of his autographs go to his non-profit to support inner city youth. “Giving Back” is something he feels he must do.



C.J. Graham is known for his work on Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI (1986), Highway to Hell (1991) and Crystal Lake Memories.

He is the 6th actor to play Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th series. Most people believe he is the 5th but Jason was portrayed in dream sequences throughout part 5 making Graham the 6th.

He was chosen to play Jason Voorhees as a last minute replacement for the sixth film, because the stuntman who was chosen wasn’t coming across with the power and menace that the director wanted.


LIMITED TO JUST 200 SLOTS!  100 on Saturday and 100 on Sunday.



He wrote, sang and created the masterpiece “Cry Little Sister” the theme song to the classic film “THE LOST BOYS,” and in doing so GERARD McMANN hit a deep & provocative nerve in his artistic career of creativity.

When the film released in 1987, he was fed up with the music scene’s “business” and stopped touring. He then changed his name to G TOM MAC as a result of no one ever pronouncing his real name correctly.

G Tom Mac went on to write songs for legendary singers such as Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin and Roger Daltrey of The Who. An array of contemporary Hip Hop artists, such as Ice Cube and Digable Planets, as well as KISS, Carly Simon and Eminem started to cover G Tom Mac’s songs.
Last year, G Tom Mac earned a Grammy on EMINEM’S “RECOVERY” album in which Eminem sampled him in the song “You’re Never Over.”

Having had songs in over 50 films & more than 100 TV shows that still continue to license G Tom Mac’s music, it all adds up to in his words “staying fresh and being true to my fans in creating believable music that they feel from me. That’s my thrill!”

After 6 album releases, G Tom Mac opens yet another chapter with his NEW album “UNTAME the SONGS” that has already been received & talked about as one of the best albums of the year.

And you can hear him at Liverpool Horror Con performing classics such as ‘Cry Little Sister’.


YAN BIRCH (The People Under The Stairs)

After studying Yan decided to have a dramatic “Life Learning Experience.” He travelled the world and lived in almost every country before making the big Hollywood move to live out his dream. He took nothing with him but the determination to “Experience” people from all over the world so that he would be well prepared for Hollywood and whatever was to come his way.

In 1991, Yan got a major part in Wes Craven’s cult horror film The People Under the Stairs (1991), as “The Stairmaster.” While his love for the fun of working on Horror and Science Fiction films took him on a road through the underground, his acting ability landed him the steadier roles in two popular network daytime soaps Santa Barbara (1984) and The Young and the Restless (1973). Yan capitalized on his Swedish good looks, and his menacing appearance, playing both a sensitive health club owner and a mobster, while working to better his craft in this different media.

In 1999 Yan received a phone call from Chuck Russell and was offered the role of the “Guardian Angel” in Paramount’s Bless the Child (2000). Directed by Chuck Russell and starring Kim Basinger, Jimmy Smits, Christina Ricci and Rufus Sewell. Since then, Yan has appeared in several more independent films including Essence of Echoes (2002) and Ghost Rock (2003). Yan also has a recurring role on Spelling television’s hit series Charmed (1998) on WB, as “Kane” – the head of the Warlocks.

Yan has also starred in a multitude of television commercials during the years working with Directors such as Mark Pellington, David LaChapelle, Jake Scott, Ralf Schmerberg, Pierre Winther, Albert Watson, ‘Regis Roinsard’ , Paul Minor and Paul Hunter.


SEAN WHALEN (The People Under The Stairs/Twister)

Sean was born in Washington D.C. The youngest of four, he was raised in Silver Spring/Olney Maryland and graduated from Sherwood High School. He moved west and graduated from UCLA four years later. Like most actors, he worked as a waiter while studying and performing at the famed Groundling Theater and Playhouse West. His break came doing commercials and his first film, The People Under the Stairs (1991).

Sean has worked in every genre of film and television. (Except a Western. He really wants to do a Western) He is also an acting coach, writer, producer, looper, acting teacher and heads the comedy department at Studio 4: James Franco’s Film & Acting School in North Hollywood. He is a father of two beautiful daughters.

Did you know Sean Whalen was in the following films & TV Shows:

Men In Black
Charlie’s Angels
Hatchet III
LOST (TV Series)
Constantine (TV Series)
Hannah Montana (TV Series)

And so much more!


BRANDON ADAMS (The People Under The Stairs/The Sandlot)

Best known for his roles in People under the Stairs, The Sandlot and as Zeke in Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, Brandon Quintin Adams has been involved in the business since toddler age.

Appearing in commercials and print adverts was just the start of his career. At the age of 9, he landed his first television role as ‘Peter’ in the NBC sitcom, Empty Nest in 1988. As a result, his career soared and he landed roles in numerous television sitcoms (A Different World, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Moesha and Martin among others) and movies (The People Under The Stairs, Polly, The Mighty Ducks and The Sandlot among others) through the years.

After having previously taken a long hiatus to focus on family and music, Brandon is now back on the scene to resume his acting career and will be with us at Liverpool MEGA Horror Con this Halloween!


JAMISON NEWLANDER (The Lost Boys – Alan Frog)

Jamison Newlander is best known for playing Alan Frog, one of the two vampire-hunting brothers, in The Lost Boys (1987), alongside Corey Feldman. He reprises his role as Alan Frog in the Lost Boys: The Thirst (2010), as he and Feldman fight side-by-side again for what’s been celebrated as the return of the Frog Brothers. Newlander also makes an appearance as Alan Frog in one of the alternative endings for Lost Boys: The Tribe (2008).

Launching his career as a teenager, Newlander appeared in the 1987 remake of The Blob, and opposite Jason Bateman and Valery Harper in the TV show “Valerie.”

A graduate of Beverly Hills High School, he went on to get a BFA in acting at NYU, and acted on stages in New York, Vermont, Kentucky and California throughout his 20s. While doing theatre, Newlander began writing and became an award-winning playwright with his 1996 play Remember This at Actors Theatre of Louisville. He put all of his talents together (writing, directing and acting) for his film Rooster, which played on the film festival circuit, most notably at the Hamptons International Film Festival in 2003.


ARI LEHMAN (Jason Vorhees – Friday 13th Part 1)

We are very pleased to announce Ari Lehman who is the actor/singer who has the unique honour of having played the role of the First Jason Voorhees in the Paramount Classic Horror Film “Friday the 13th” (1980) – The original “Boy in the Lake” Ari played a crucial role in the film’s famous final scene, in which he suddenly emerges from the icy waters of Crystal Lake.

Working with Special Effects Master Tom Savini at an early age gave Ari a deep appreciation for the Horror Greats including Lon Chaney, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff and Vincent Price.

Since 2009, Ari records and tours the US and Europe with his Horror Rock Band, First Jason, based in Chicago.



Caroline’s film career began with unaccredited roles in Smoke Over London, G.G. Passion and Casino Royale. Shortly after these one of her photo ads got her a screen test and a one year contract at Paramount where she won the role of Richard Widmark’s daughter, Ms Patten, in the comedy western ‘A Talent For Loving’. Later she played Victoria Phibes, Vincent Price’s wife in ‘The Abominable Dr. Phibes’ and again in ‘Dr. Phibes Rises Again’ which in turn led to a Hammer Studios contract and such spine-tinglers as ‘Dracula A.D 1972’ and ‘Kronos’.

Away from Hammer she enjoyed new challenges such as the slave girl love interest, Margiana, in ‘The Golden Voyages Of Sinbad’, Princess Dia in ‘The Earth’s Core’ and Bond girl Naomi in the Roger Moore classic ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’.

After her first Vogue feature she was chosen to head the advertising campaigns for several products, and is remembered most as the calendar girl for Lambs Navy Rum, which she did for over 10 years.

For a full list of Caroline’s work please see this link:



The ever glamorous icon of the 70s, Valerie Leon made her West End debut in Funny Girl with Barbra Streisand at London’s Prince Of Wales Theatre.

During her career she has been associated with three British Film Cults: Bond, Carry On and Hammer Horror and was the face of one of the most successful advertising campaigns in British history – the Hai Karate after-shave series.

She appeared in six Carry On films, two Bond films – The Spy Who Loved Me with Roger Moore and Never Say Never Again with Sean Connery, and had a dual starring role in the Hammer Horror – Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb.

Apart from film and theatre she has worked on numerous television shows and with some of Britain’s best loved comedians.

She also worked with Michael Caine in the original film The Italian Job, Richard Harris and Richard Burton in The Wild Geese and took whipping lessons to prepare for her role as Tanya the Lotus Eater in Revenge Of The Pink Panther with Peter Sellers!




Matt Shaw is the published author of over 160 titles. With work translated in both German and Korean, he has also several films in production and has started getting his work adapted into graphic novels and comics.

When not writing, Shaw likes to play around in his other business venture – the infamous “DeadTeds” – which will also be available at the convention, along with the twisted “DeadTeds” comic.



Lancaster’s master of the macabre is well known for marking his home town’s place on the horror map of the United Kingdom. His Sam Spallucci books, with their quirky blend of urban fantasy film noir and dry humour, have gained a cult following over the last few years with fans journeying from around the country to see where reality meets an ever expanding universe of vampires, werewolves, angels and a plethora of other supernatural characters.

His latest outing for Lancaster’s beleaguered investigator of the paranormal, Sam Spallucci: Shadows Of Lancaster, has been a resounding hit with its readers. Its bondage-loving banshees, grotesque graffiti and gambling ghosts, along with a modern take on the Pendle witch trials, have really given his readers something to get their teeth into as well as paving the way for old friends and new adversaries to return in 2017’s Sam Spallucci: Dark Justice.

An almost constant user of social media, A.S.Chambers actively encourages his readers to get in touch with him via Facebook (@ASChambersAuthor), Twitter (@ASChambersUK) and Instagram (@aschambersuk).

He is also in possession of a dark and brooding website



Born in Oxford but raised in Massachusetts, Dani Brown is the author of “My Lovely Wife”, “Middle Age Rae of Fucking Sunshine”, “Toenails”, and “Welcome to New Edge Hilll” out from Morbidbooks. She is also the author of “Dark Roast” and “Reptile” out from JEA. She’s the person responsible for the baby blood bath that is “Stara” out from Azoth Khem Publishing. She has written various short stories across a range of publications. There’s always more coming soon. As of writing this, “Stef and Tucker” haven’t been released but they will be soon (if “Dancing With White Walkers” hasn’t happened by the time you read this).

When she isn’t writing she enjoys knitting, fussing over her cats and contemplating the finer points of raising an army of dingo-mounted chavs. She has an unhealthy obsession with Mayhem’s drummer and doesn’t trust anyone who claims The Velvet Underground are their favourite band.

She currently lives in Liverpool, England with her son and 3 cats.

You can contact her on facebook at (Links to less used social media, can be found on the facebook page.)


Official and sometimes, by sometimes, she means rarely updated website



Simon Kurt Unsworth was born in Manchester in 1972 and is beginning to despair of ever finding proof that the world was awash with mysterious signs and portents that night. He lives in an old farmhouse in the Lake District with his wife, the writer Rosie Seymour, and assorted children and dogs, where his neighbours are mostly sheep. He writes horror fiction (for which pursuit he was nominated for a 2008 World Fantasy Award for Best Short Story). Black Shuck Books released his fourth collection of stories, Diseases of the Teeth, in 2016 following PS Publishing’s Strange Gateways in 2014, 2011’s critically acclaimed Quiet Houses (from Dark Continents Publishing) and 2010’s equally well received Lost Places (from Ash Tree Press). His stories have been published in a number of anthologies including the World Fantasy Award-winning Exotic Gothic 4, the Gray Friar Press’s Terror Tales of the Cotswolds, Terror Tales of the Seaside and Where the Heart Is, the Ash Tree Press’s At Ease with the Dead, Shades of Darkness and Exotic Gothic 3, Stephen Jones’ Haunts: Reliquaries of the Dead, Ellen Datlow’s Hauntings and Lovecraft Unbound, and Salt Publishing’s Year’s Best Fantasy 2013 and Best British Horror 2014. He has been reprinted in seven volumes of Stephen Jones’ The Mammoth Book of Best New Horrors, and he was also featured in 2010’s The Very Best of Best New Horror. His debut novel, The Devil’s Detective, came out from Doubleday in the US and Del Rey in the UK in March 2015. Its sequel, The Devil’s Evidence, came out from the same publishers in Summer of 2016 in the US and the Autumn in the UK.



Eddie Skelson was born and still resides in the Midlands city Stoke on Trent. His first novel explored the aftermath of Lovecraft’s Shadow Over Innsmouth one hundred years later, transporting the horror to a remote Scottish port, and it gained him a solid following of readers who delighted in his style, pace and dark humour. He followed this up with Crowley, a four part series of novellas that really began to push his name out into what he calls the delightfully wicked ‘Dark Comedy’ niche. He has since turned his hand to a collection of loosely connected stories in The Whitby Horror, a post apocalyptic sci-fi series, a zombie tale set in his own town and most recently a very well received story of heroes and villains in his very dark, satirical and typically funny novella Superhero city.

Eddie has two children who he refers to as number one and number two, a dog in a state of perpetual moult and he recently lost a Goldfish called Dave, who he was convinced was immortal up until the point it stopped being immortal. He has a Masters Degree in Creative Writing which allows him to tell people, with confidence, that he’s practically a Doctor.



Andrew Lennon is the bestselling author of Every Twisted Thought and several other horror/thriller books. He has featured in various bestselling anthologies, and is successfully becoming a recognised name in horror and thriller writing. Andrew is a happily married man living in the North West of England with his wife Hazel & their children.

Having always been a big horror fan, Andrew spent a lot of his time watching scary movies or playing scary games, but it wasn’t until his mid-twenties that he developed a taste for reading. His wife, also being a big horror fan, had a very large Stephen King collection which Andrew began to consume. Once hooked into reading horror, he started to discover new authors like Thomas Ligotti & Ryan C Thomas. It was while reading work from these authors that he decided to try writing something himself and there came the idea for “A Life to Waste”

He enjoys spending his time with his family and watching or reading new horror.

For more information please go to



Adam L G Nevill was born in Birmingham, England, in 1969 and grew up in England and New Zealand. He is the author of the supernatural horror novels Banquet for the Damned, Apartment 16, The Ritual, Last Days, House of Small Shadows, No One Gets Out Alive, Lost Girl, and Under a Watchful Eye. Some Will Not Sleep is his first short story collection.

In 2012, 2013 and 2015 his novels were the winners of The August Derleth Award for Best Horror Novel. The Ritual and Last Days were also awarded Best in Category: Horror, by R.U.S.A.

Adam lives in Devon, England, and can be contacted through



David Moody grew up on a diet of trashy horror and pulp science fiction. He worked as a bank manager before giving up the day job to write about the end of the world for a living. He has written a number of horror novels, including AUTUMN, which has been downloaded more than half a million times since publication in 2001 and spawned a series of sequels and a movie starring Dexter Fletcher and David Carradine.

Film rights to HATER were snapped up by Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, Pacific Rim) and producer Mark Johnson (Breaking Bad). Moody lives with his wife and a houseful of daughters and stepdaughters, which may explain his pre-occupation with Armageddon.

He is currently writing new HATER novels and working on the long-gestating movie adaptation.

Find out more about Moody at

For more information, check out the official site

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